40oz to Freedom

The Country's Premier Sublime Tribute
40oz to Freedom, winner of the 2010 San Diego Music Award for Best Tribute Artist, has toured extensively across North America for over 16 years, captivating audiences with their authentic and energetic performances.

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Based in: San Diego, California

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40oz to Freedom

'40oz to Freedom' stands as an acclaimed and dynamic Sublime tribute band, recognized for their remarkable energy and authenticity. Their dedication and talent were honored with the 2010 San Diego Music Award for Best Tribute Artist. With a touring history spanning over 16 years across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, 40oz has cultivated a dedicated and passionate fan base.

They are renowned for being the most authentic Sublime tribute since Sublime itself, capturing the essence of the original band's sound and spirit. Founded in Southern California in 2007, 40oz to Freedom is currently based in Denver, Colorado. Their performances are a tribute not only to Sublime's music but also to their enduring influence in the music world.

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