Jumping Jack Flash

THE Tribute to the Rolling Stones!
Experience a live retrospective of the Rolling Stones' golden era, where meticulous attention to detail in performance, wardrobe, and stage presence brings the swinging '60s back to life.

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Based in: Orange County, California

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Jumping Jack Flash

Imagine the thrill of stepping into a historic theater and finding yourself face to face with the youthful energy of the Rolling Stones, as if transported back to the heart of swinging London in 1964. Yet, this isn't a time warp; it's your town today, hosting Jumping Jack Flash, hailed as the world’s greatest theatrical re-creation of a Rolling Stones concert.

Jumping Jack Flash is not just a tribute band; it's a full concert-theater experience, offering a live retrospective presentation that spans 50 years of the Rolling Stones' illustrious career. The show is a masterful blend of music, theatrics, and nostalgia. With witty stage banter, on-stage video projection, and multiple wardrobe changes, the band takes you on a journey back to the 1960s.

Every aspect of the performance is meticulously crafted to replicate the original Stones concerts. From Mick Jagger’s iconic prancing and gyrating to Keith Richards menacingly prowling the stage with his beat-up Fender guitar, every detail is carefully recreated. Charlie and Bill provide the intense backbeat, while Brian Jones exudes regality, all contributing to an authentic Stones atmosphere.

Jumping Jack Flash performs a selection of hits from all periods of the Stones' career, ensuring that every fan, whether they favored the early days or the later years, gets a taste of nostalgia. The band’s commitment to authenticity is evident in every element, from the precision of the musical performances to the spot-on wardrobe and instrumentation.

For those who missed experiencing the Rolling Stones in the '60s, Jumping Jack Flash offers a second chance to witness the magic. Their performance is so immersive and authentic that if Jumping Jack Flash doesn’t rock you like the Rolling Stones did, it's said that no one will!

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