LA Sound Machine

A Tribute to Gloria Estefan!
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The west coast’s Premier Gloria Estefan tribute band, LA Sound Machine, are currently playing the casino circuit and delighting audiences everywhere!

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Based in: Burbank, California

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LA Sound Machine

This dynamic 8-member band, enriched by their collective experiences from previous musical projects, comes together to deliver a high-energy tribute to the multi-Grammy Award-winning and Kennedy Center honoree Gloria Estefan and her legendary Miami Sound Machine. The band's strong stage rapport is evident in their performances, creating an engaging and lively atmosphere.

The lead singer of the band captures the essence of Gloria Estefan, not only in vocal quality but also in stage presence, authentically embodying Estefan's charisma and energy. Complementing the lead singer, the backup vocalists and rhythm section of the band skillfully recreate the vibrant moves and infectious enthusiasm characteristic of the Miami Sound Machine's live concerts.

LA Sound Machine's repertoire spans the full spectrum of Gloria Estefan's career, from her dance/pop mega-hits of the 80s to her more recent work. In addition to the high-energy numbers, the band also performs a selection of beautiful ballads and some of the most cherished Latin songs from Estefan's catalog. This versatile mix ensures a captivating and memorable show for all attendees.

Audience members are invited to lose themselves in the music, with the promise of a fun-filled experience. The band's vibrant performance encourages everyone to "shake their body to the beat" and assures that "the rhythm is gonna get you," making for an unforgettable tribute to the enduring legacy of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.

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