Reliving Fleetwood Mac's Golden Era
Rumours, a tribute band formed in Los Angeles in 2012, authentically replicates Fleetwood Mac's 1975-1987 era with a meticulous show featuring Jesika Miller, Tuzy Ellis, Ned Brower, Taylor Locke, and Nic Johns.

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Based in: Los Angeles, California

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Rumours, formed in Los Angeles, CA, in the summer of 2012, quickly established itself as a premier Fleetwood Mac tribute band. Following their residency at the legendary Roxy in LA, they gained significant recognition and were featured on AXS TV's "World's Greatest Tribute Bands."

The band's performances are a meticulous recreation of Fleetwood Mac's iconic presence and style from their golden era of 1975-1987. Rumours pays extraordinary attention to detail, from using period-accurate equipment and costumes to mastering spot-on characterizations and musical performances. Their show is more than just a tribute; it's a revival of the time when music was a vital cultural experience, and bands delivered mesmerizing shows.

The members of Rumours bring to life the unique persona of each original Fleetwood Mac member. Jesika Miller channels the ethereal presence of Stevie Nicks, Tuzy Ellis embodies the talent of Christine McVie, Ned Brower takes on the role of Mick Fleetwood, Taylor Locke replicates the prowess of Lindsey Buckingham, and Nic Johns holds down the rhythm as John McVie. Together, they recreate the magic of Fleetwood Mac’s most celebrated period, offering audiences a chance to relive the unforgettable rock and roll experience that Fleetwood Mac provided.

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