The Purple Madness

America's #1 Prince Tribute
Bobby Miller presents an electrifying performance that can be best described as, high energy and a “must see” performance.

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Based in: Atlanta, Georgia

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The Purple Madness

"The Purple Madness" is an exceptional tribute to Prince, one of the most beloved and influential artists of all time. Bobby Miller leads this tribute with an electrifying performance that is both high-energy and a must-see event.

The Prince Purple Madness Tribute Show has meticulously perfected the recreation of Prince's unique style, encompassing both the sights and sounds that made his shows spectacular. The tribute band was formed with great honor and reverence, aiming to provide an experience close to seeing Prince live—a performance regarded as one of the best on the planet.

Bobby Miller, the frontman of the show, has dedicated his life to studying and emulating the persona, voice, and dance movements of both Prince and Michael Jackson. This commitment has made him one of America’s top tribute artists for these iconic performers. From his early days performing in talent shows and family gatherings, Bobby has grown to headline events and open for national acts worldwide.

Supported by a production team of talented dancers and musicians with over a hundred years of collective music experience, the show is described by the group as unparalleled in its execution. This team has toured both in the US and internationally, bringing a level of professionalism and authenticity to the tribute.

Bobby Miller doesn't just impersonate Prince on stage; he embodies and exudes the spirit of the artist both on and off stage, providing fans with a heartfelt and memorable tribute to the music legend. The Purple Madness Tribute Show offers a chance for those who didn't have the opportunity to witness Prince live to experience the next best thing, with performances that recreate some of his most memorable concert moments.

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